Cleopatra is available for self use at home.

Buy the kit and do it yourself:

The kit contains a plastic bag of Cleopatra powder, a bottle of liquids and a paper cap.
Total weigh of the kit: 1 lb
Please note, one kit is sufficient for one treatment on a regular-volume shoulder-long hair!
If your hair is longer or somewhat very full or very thick, you might consider using 2 kits at one time in order to cover all hair.

The Process:
To achieve best results, use someone to help you in order to cover all hair areas.

  • Cleanse the hair with Shampoo 2 days before using Cleopatra (do not apply on clean hair and sculpt)
  • Straighten the hair thoroughly and completely (with a blow-dryer or a hair straightening iron)
  • Section the hair into at least 4 parts
  • Put gloves on
  • Put powder in a glass or plastic bowl. Add the content of the plastic bottle to the powder.
  • Apply the straightening mix with a brush evenly & quickly, strand by strand, starting at the nape & working towards the front. Make sure you cover all hair.
  • Cover your hair with the attached paper cap or any other cover (but not a sealed one, you must allow the hair to “breath” ) and leave to act for 10 hours
  • Rinse hair thoroughly with warm clean running water until all material is removed and shampoo as many times as needed
  • Towel-dry gently
  • Apply the home-made hair mask: 2 tablespoon Honey, 1 egg , 1/4 cup conditioner, 1/4 cup olive oil (mix everything together) and leave it on for 2-3 hours. Rinse thoroughly
  • Straighten your hair thoroughly and completely
  • For best results, do not wash hair for the next 4 days, then wash it regularly. You will start feeling the difference from shower to shower, as your hair starts feeling straighter and softer.

    How many treatments will I need?

    Well, it depends on your type of hair and its characteristics.
    The initial treatment is done all over the hair and you will need between 2-6 treatments, depending on your level of curl. You must wait 2-4 weeks between treatments.
    Slightly curly/ wavy hair: 2-3 treatments
    Curly: 4-6 treatments
    Very curly: 6-8 treatments
    Once you treat your hair to the desired result, it stays straight FOREVER. From this stage you will only need to treat the roots, approximately every 3 months.
    And that is It !! No more blow drying, no more ironing!
    Remember! Be patient between treatments. This is a process and you will have to complete all needed treatments, depends on your hair type, until getting the desired result.
    But when you do…Oh boy when you do, you will be blown away!

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