The story behind Cleopatra Hair Straightener

Cleopatra is known as one of the original beauty divas of Ancient Egypt. Her black sultry hair was outstood, for its fascinating beauty. The secrets of Cleopatra’s beauty are still being studied. While few stay embedded with other secrets of Egypt, other were revealed, and one of them is the secret of her magical black shiny straight hair.This secret was never published to the public, but was passed down from one generation to another, and is being used for decades in the middle-east.

What makes it the best product in the market:

It is simple: unlike other straightening products that treat the core of the hair, Cleopatra is coating the hair and therefore is able to ignore the hair’s previous texture or color.

The chemical products existing in the market nowadays, crack and split the hair, they provoke a serious and irreversible damage to the hair. The use of Cleopatra doesn't need the application of neutralizing materials for the chemical action, because it is completely natural. The chemical products on the other hand, need neutralizers to cope with the chemical action to end the application. Also, the chemical products have a sharp unpleasant smell, while "Cleopatra" is characterized by a plants and herbs scent.

It is to assert, that any hair will become after some applications (according to the type of hair and its characteristics), smooth like silk, without the need of a fan to dry it; and neither the use of extra products, like: masks, oils, waxes and creams of any sort. There is no impediment to shampoo the hair, to soak it, or to come in contact with humid atmospheres – the hair will remain straight and smooth like silk. And so this product saves the client time and extra money at home or at the hairdresser studio.

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