Always dreamed of a silky straight hair? Tired of burning your hair with straightening irons and blow-dryers?

Cleopatra hair straightener transforms any curly frizzy hair into permanently straight hair right out-the-shower, with no need for blow-drying or ironing!

Cleopatra is a 100% natural hair straightening formula.

  • Straightening your hair right out-the-shower permanently - with no need for blow-drying or ironing.
  • Made of 100% plants and mineral powder - This formula is 100% natural. Other products contain chemicals and other synthetic and alkaline product that cause irreversible damage to the hair.
  • Applicable to All hair types - regardless of the color, length, level of curl or frizz, history of chemical usage or previous hair straightening methods used on hair.
  • Works on highlighted and bleached hair - Most of the other products in the market are only recommended for non-bleached, non-highlighted hair.
  • Gives you a permanent black straight hair - This product is replacing 2 harmful chemical procedures: it permanently straightens the hair and colors it with a rich and beautiful black color. Yes! absolutely all hair types can turn straight, shiny, healthy and magically black!
  • Helps protect and nourish your hair - It makes dry hair smoother after the first treatment, brilliant and strengthened at its roots, rehabilitating it and giving it the full, healthy shiny look you always wanted!

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