I used to spend hours every week at the hair salon, having my hair straightened…My hair was burnt and damaged. I have never been happier with my hair. This is true magic!      Shannon

I used to straighten my hair every morning. By the time I get to the place Im going to, it gets frizzy at the roots and curly at the bottom and wavy in the back, so it pretty much looks like I did nothing to my hair that day. Ever since Cleopatra my hair is amazingly straight and I became a much self-confident and spontaneous woman!!!       Ashley

Always dreamed of a straight hair but I thought my thick and out-of-control hair is hopeless. Now my dream is a reality. I suggest anyone who has a dream not to give it up, just make it happen. If I can, anybody can! Thank you for making my dream come true!       Melanie

My hair was a disaster, it was all damaged from years of straightening. After using Cleopatra, I can’t believe this is the same hair… Everybody keeps telling me how natural and healthy it looks! Susan

I used to straighten my hair with every single formula on the market: Brazilian, Japanese, you name it… After a while my hair just stopped reacting to the chemicals and the result started looking poor and lame…. Ever since I use Cleopatra I feel great about my hair and about myself! I can’t thank you enough!!!       Alisha

Oh my god where to begin? Let me just say you have changed my life! No more ironing my hair, no more blow-drying it, the best present I could treat myself before I hit the beach without planning ahead!!       Jennifer

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